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Brain Food, On Demand, Thousands of Documentaries, For $1/Month!

I was sent an email about Curiosity Stream and looked into it. I was pleasantly surprised. It’s a streaming service that has channels on history (which is a favorite of mine), technology, Nature, Lifestyle, Food, Science and so much more. It’s amazing and only $1 a month!

Scroll down and see a list of topics in a 20 second video. Underneath the topics are  some of the many videos included.

Over 50  Topics with many videos included in each topic.

It works on web browsers, smart TVs, Android & iOS devices, Amazon Kindle & Fire, Roku, and Xbox One & More.

Great Learning tool for children (especially now with home schooling a priority).

Adults! It works for us also. 

The mission statement of Curiosity Stream is simple: As the world’s first SVOD service addressing our lifelong quest to learn, explore, and understand, CuriosityStream aims to provide you with the first and best on-demand nonfiction streaming destination, aggregating and curating the world’s top factual series and documentaries. Thousands of titles await in our library, available to stream worldwide on multiple apps and always uninterrupted by commercials. 

Click on this image and see a 20 second video of the main categories:

Try It! For $11.99/Year (Introductory Price – Save 40%):

Curiosity Stream

Just a sampling of the topics.
Great learning experiences for Adults & Children.

SIGN UP NOW! ONLY $11.99 For The year. This is an Introductory price (40% Discount of Regular Price)

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